We're Building
the Autonomous Factory of Tomorrow

Photo of the Quantillion office from the outside

We're on a mission to bring power of autonomous decision-making to every machine, every worker, and every factory.

Leading industries worldwide are increasingly focusing on automation as a value driver. Automation lowers operational expenses, streamlines operations, and affords the certainty needed to focus on core tasks.

The communications, mobile equipment, and smart energy consumption of today's factories are the building blocks with which we can help build smart autonomous plants that anticipate events and move production forward according to demand.

Join us on this adventure

The Quantillion international team is based in Amsterdam and operates worldwide. Committed to values such as innovation, excellence, and team spirit, our team pushes boundaries on the path to drive the future of Autonomous Decision solutions.

Team boat trip
Team members visiting an international client
Quantillion team members on site in protective gear
Team climbing trip
View of the desks in Quantillion's office
Decorative office showing team member at work