We’re driving the future of industrial innovation

— At Quantillion, we’re putting fast and powerful decision-making algorithms at the heart of production processes. Our products make it easy for operators and machines to make smart decisions, fast.


Rethink Your Processes, Reimagine the Future

Efficiently monitor and manage your vehicles, traffic and orders in real-time.


Powering Autonomous Scheduling and Operations

Optimise your processes, coordinate operators and machines, and make sure you're all in sync.

Screenshot of Quantillion's traffic management system


Industrial-Grade Software

We build tech that enables the heavy industry to innovate and grow, faster.

Route Optimisation

Our proprietary routing engine allows us to calculate the optimal route for every vehicle in the fleet - in real-time.

Data Analytics

We take the guesswork out of data analytics by helping you extract valuable insights from your data.

Multibrand Operability

Proud to be working with multiple equipment suppliers, we see ourselves as an integration partner in the international industrial sector.

Application shown on mobile phone


Paving the Road to Autonomous Navigation

We are paving the road to autonomous navigation by providing end-to-end solutions for autonomous industrial vehicles. Enabling quick and flexible integration in heavy duty terrain while ensuring safety and efficiency. Be part of it.


Latest Articles

Zero Emission Autonomous Transport System

Zero Emission Autonomous Transport System

A collaboration between EoxTractors and Quantillion, focusing on green innovations in Smart Mobility.

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Types of Decision Support Systems

Types of Decision Support Systems

An Automated Decision System makes choices based on programmed parameters, while a Decision Support System leaves room for human decision-making.

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Autonomous Machines and Processes

Autonomous Machines and Processes

To fully operate without human intervention, autonomous vehicles need to be able to detect other vehicles and traffic signs as well as road conditions.

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