Manage Mobile Robots in Real Time

Manage Vehicles

Fast. Smart. Sustainable.

Status, Location and Tasks

Easily monitor all your vehicles and the orders they are executing. The system helps operators manage equipment more efficiently by providing easy-to-use controls and full insight into previous, current and future routes and tasks.

Multi-Agent Path Planning

The routing algorithm allows you to guide multiple vehicles, as well as different types of vehicles, to multiple locations in an industrial environment. Using real-time data, the algorithm makes sure goals are accomplished in a multi-mission enviroment.

Battery Management

Our AI-powered battery management system prevents vehicle batteries from running low or needing to be charged during peak production times. It takes into account the requirements for each vehicle and finds the optimal charging time to ensure throughput.

Displaying the orders assigned to particular automated vehicles for execution

Manage Traffic

Safely Coordinate Mixed Traffic

Deadlock Prevention

Within the environment operators and external applications can manage area accessibility by creating, editing and removing obstacles. This is then used within the multi-agent path planning to prevent deadlocks.

Traffic Rules

Traffic rules and plant layout can be configured to adapt to changing situations, processes and shifts. The changes can be affected by external intervention or the scheduling and management of shifts.

Incident Notifications

Operators receive custom notifications based on incident severity and their user profile. The notifications guide operators towards a safe and quick resolution.

Historical Replay

All processes are tracked within the application for reference and replay. The replay function enables users to rewatch situations and identify how incidents occurred.

Manage Orders

Create, Edit and
Schedule Orders

Automated Order Creation

Business logic and external system inputs are used to automatically create the upcoming order list. This ensures operators are fully supported in their operations and processes are synced.

Dynamic Work Order Distribution

Orders are dynamically scheduled in the optimal order and assigned to vehicles to ensure effective throughput. To retain flexibility operators can edit orders and opt to manually complete orders.

Shift Progress

The progress of the shift towards user-defined goals can be monitored in real-time. This tracking enables the system to continuously recalculate and predict the the upcoming order list and distribution to vehicles.

Image showing the form for editing an order

Digital Twin

Predictive Simulations

Our predictive simulations tool gives plants the ability to run future scenarios. Based on the current state users can scroll forward in time showing tasks being executed in the near future and showing the factory state within the next few hours and see if shifts can finish in time.

Additionally operators can validate changes they want to apply in the operations by running full days or shifts, and analysing the statistics and bottlenecks, thereby reducing the amount of trial and error in the real-life environment.

Image showing Quantillion's simulation software

Autonomous Navigation Kit

Make Navigation Smarter

Machine Decision-Making

Give your machines the intelligence to make decisions and the flexibility to create new driving paths. This can be to avoid objects or other vehicles, which prevents deadlock situations which can require manual interventions.

Self-Learning Robots

Vehicles learn and deal with unexpected situations on their own or in collaboration. By using real-time enviroment scans and communication with their peers, the robots are able to act efficiently and dynamically manage multi-mission goals.

Easy Setup

Easily setup your equipment with natural navigation without external identifiers to position your vehicles. With 3D point cloud scanning, the kit enables more accurate mapping and sharing between other vehicles, thereby making setup even easier.


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