Zero Emission Autonomous Transport System (ZEATS)

A collaboration between EoxTractors and Quantillion, focusing on green innovations in Smart Mobility.

Within the intricate landscape of strategic geopolitics, Europe finds itself at a crossroads, yearning for policies that are not only sustainable but also globally competitive. Responding to this focus within the European Union, the Zero Emission Autonomous Transport System (ZEATS) project has emerged as a collaborative effort between EoxTractors and Quantillion. This initiative is dedicated to green innovations and advanced technologies, offering a solution to challenges previously considered overwhelming, such as the shortage of human capital and the environmental impact of diesel-powered machinery.

Addressing Challenges with ZEATS

The ZEATS project is a tailored response to the various challenges that comes with sustainable logistics. It delves into the integration of cutting-edge green technologies and smart mobility, presenting a holistic approach to sustainability and competitiveness. By seamlessly incorporating LIDAR-based navigation with hydrogen electric powered vehicles, ZEATS not only propels the industry towards sustainability, but also increases efficiency and productivity through innovative solutions.

Strategic Contribution to Smart Mobility

Aligned with Europe's strategic goals, the project fosters the evolution of sustainable, competitive technologies. ZEATS sets out to showcase a fully autonomous, zero-emission vehicle. This milestone not only lowers the environmental impact of but also propels the trajectory of Smart Mobility in Europe.

ZEATS is the result of collaborative effort between EoxTractors and Quantillion, with the approval of the European Union. The co-financing by the European Union not only underscores the impact of the project but also emphasizes its role as a pivotal initiative at the forefront of technology, sustainability, and global competitiveness.